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Fatigue and the Spaces Between

The effects of what happens when we experience tiredness from challenging systems and institutions are all around us if we look for them. With my photographic work, I document expressions of fatigue, frustration, listlessness, and protest in public spaces, in the United States and in Europe. The images show protests, graffiti, homelessness, and things worn away by neglect, circumstance, and time. 

My concept for the zine is to use my photographs and digital collages for monotone Risograph printing with a maximum of one or two additional colors. The photographs and digital collages will be intermixed with negative space, static-like patterns, and abstract line drawings.  The areas of blankness, static, and simplistic lines make a visual language throughout the zine to represent feelings of fatigue, and also enhance the the layout flow. The layout will appear somewhat non-formulaic, and the monochromatic color scheme will give the images a unified appearance. The images will be grouped according to the respective themes shown in the images.

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